The Importance of Content Marketing in Health Nutrition Marketing

4 tips for creating content that will bolster your brand

Content marketing is an idea most marketers are beginning to feel comfortable with, but what many brand managers don’t realize is that there is a lot more to it than a couple of generic blog posts and social media status updates. Content marketing efforts need to be consistent, focused and most of all engaging.

What is exactly the purpose of content marketing? The main goal is to connect with your customers outside of traditional selling tactics. In the past, marketers blasted their customers with messages that told them what to think and what to buy, and sometimes it backfired. Content marketing strives to position your brand as an expert in its industry, and offers your customers something for interacting with your brand—relevant, engaging content.

Consumers now spend as much time consuming content as they do sleeping or working, so providing that content is a smart way to connect with them and build trust for your Health Nutrition Marketing brand. The idea is to win customers without pitching your brand. Here are 4 tips that can make your content marketing efforts more successful:

Know your market
Identify and define your target market and capitalize on it in your content. You don’t want to write meaningless jibber jabber. In order to write content your customers will appreciate, you have to know what values they hold and what topics interest them. Once you have identified those topics, you’ll isolate a few keywords that you will use over and over again so that your customer or target can find you. These words will be used as a special formula to improve your organic searchability. Be smart in selecting them.

Creating content for dispersion
It’s important to have a base of content to disperse to your social networks. I start the majority of my blog clients with 30 blog posts that they can immediately disperse through their social media channels, but it doesn’t have to be blog posts. Whether you are creating a blog or an eNewsletter, make sure you have enough content to follow up. This isn’t “one and done”. You will need to consistently create new and engaging content. If you have a bulk of posts or content to rotate through, you’re less likely to be redundant.

Content structure
It’s good to know how to successfully write blogs or other content in order to enhance search engine traffic. Using your keywords and effective #hashtags in every piece will be critical. Also, think about creating categories for your blog posts so that readers can quickly find what they are looking by searching the keywords in your headlines. Use bullet points and lists in your subtitles to catch your readers’ attention. Most of my posts as well as the ones I write for my clients are formatted in tips, bullets, steps and etc. Remember, even when using tactics like this, the information is the most important element. Write about something that matters!

Repurpose content for eNewsletters
When I’m creating content for myself or for my clients, I normally develop eNewsletters that complement it. These newsletters are delivered every 2 weeks to a database of email addresses. This keeps already interested customers or prospects engaged on a regular basis. To quickly create quality content, I often include a few of my blog posts.

Content is the voice of your brand, and it is important to give it the respect, investment and focus content marketing requires. Taking the time to make each post, article, tweet or newsletter interesting and worth reading will pay off big when your customers start passing them along to friends or contacting you for more information.

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