Health Nutrition Brands Can Spend Less on Paid Media Marketing

4 reasons why earned media is a cost-effective alternative

Earned Media may not be a term that you’re familiar with, but if your health nutrition brand has generated social media followers or positive social mentions, then it is already working for you. Unlike Owned Media, such as your website or blog, or Paid Media, such as Facebook ads, Earned Media is an organic, constantly evolving discussion between customers about their experience with your brand. In short, earned media reflects the reputation you have earned in your market.

Here are 4 reasons why earned media deserves more of your attention:

Earned Media has credibility
Over 90% of people polled said they rely on word-of-mouth recommendations when making a purchasing decision. This is far greater than the number of people who trust paid advertising. That’s because other customers don’t have a vested interest in bending the truth about a product or service. When you create a satisfied customer, they will tell others, and that’s the kind of credibility you can’t get from Paid Media.

Earned Media is cost-effective
You don’t have to spend money to earn a recommendation from a satisfied customer. You simply have to encourage them to share their experience. Finding and engaging with highly satisfied customers is the number one goal of maximizing Earned Media, and all it takes is a little time, effort and a willingness to connect.

Earned Media is far-reaching
Social media has brought Earned Media to the forefront with user generated content, online reviews and social sharing. When you turn a customer into a brand advocate, the positive mentions they share online can literally travel the world in seconds, picking up followers in places Paid Media could never reach.

Earned Media is sustainable
Earning customers through recommendations is a much more sustainable model than paid advertising because you aren’t trying to buy customers with a discount or giveaway. When you have to bribe customers to follow your brand, they will only stay along for the ride as long as they are getting something. When you earn them with great products and positive brand experiences, they will remain brand loyal—and that’s harder for other brands to compete with.

Earned Media should be a key component of your marketing strategy. Follow Jessica on Twitter @JessClay to discover new marketing tactics that can energize your health or nutrition brand.


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