As a former professional athlete, my competitive spirit drove me to win. Now I’m a professional marketer, and that same competitive spirit drives me to help brands like yours succeed in an environment I lived in for over 20 years.

I’ve been a competitor since enrolling in gymnastics classes at the young age of 2. Being a gymnast and sprinter since grade school set the stage for becoming a Professional Fitness Competitor, Sponsored Athlete, Crossfit Regional Competitor, and Triathlon Winner as an adult. I also owned a Crossfit gym.

Health and nutrition was a huge part of my success back then, and is a huge part of my life now. It seemed like a natural fit to take my love of the industry and passion for marketing to serve those brands that helped me stay focused and strong throughout my fitness career.

As the president of Clay Agency, I help healthcare and nutrition brands with their digital marketing efforts through creative ideas, strategy and a wide range of engaging content. I know what their customers want, because I once walked, climbed and competed in their shoes. We have over three decades of experience, and consider it our personal passion to motivate others to take control of their health, fitness and wellness.

My personal experience has taught me how to work hard. I know how to set goals, overcome challenges, and keep my eye on the prize. I did it for myself, and now I’m doing it for businesses just like yours.

Contact me today to learn how we can work together.