Using the Principles of Health Nutrition Marketing to Sell Natural Beauty Products

How to use ingredient-focused keywords to boost sales


Marketing natural beauty products in the same way as general cosmetics will be largely ineffective, because the competition for beauty-related keywords is so fierce. Consumers who are interested in health and health-related beauty products speak a different language. If you really want to drive sales, you’ll want to be sure you are speaking that language, too. My suggestion is to think like a health nutrition brand, and focus on ingredients.

Most natural beauty brands will rely on the keywords general keywords like “organic”, “all-natural”, “plant-derived” or even “chemical-free”. This is an approach that will keep you on par with the competition, but not help you pull ahead. To rise to the top in search results, you will want to consider adding keywords that are more specific to your product or brand. Usually, this means focusing on a trendy ingredient.

Leveraging a trendy ingredient will help carve out a niché for your product. If you sell multiple products, you’ll want to isolate one ingredient for each item. Some examples might be a beauty product that contains hemp. Google “hemp beauty products” right now; I’ll wait…

Were you surprised to see some pretty major beauty brands using hemp as a keyword? Using hemp in products isn’t a major selling point for their overall brand, but it helps their specific products, and therefore their brand, rise to the top of as many search results as possible. Your task is to find a few trendy ingredients in your products, and make the most of those as keywords.

Once you’ve isolated keywords that focus on ingredients, you’ll want to use them in a context that will have the greatest impact. The best way to do this is to create quality, keyword-rich content. Sure, you can limit this to your business website, but why not be a little more creative? You could create a health and beauty blog that uses keywords in each article. You might use this platform to tell the story of your brand or how each item is manufactured, or you could make it an educational platform about natural beauty ingredients in general. The idea is to create optimized content that is valuable to your customer in some way. 

Once you have created content, you will then place links to it on Facebook or send them out via Twitter. Go one step further and include artful pictures of your products in interesting surroundings or being used by noteworthy personalities. If you use image tags that explain what is shown in the picture, for example “(your brand) royal jelly lip serum”, that image will come up in image searches for those keywords. Images may also get posted to sites like Pinterest, creating viral interest in your product(s).

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