Marketing Your Health Nutrition Product as Non-GMO

Can using an industry buzzword help boost your sales?

Everywhere I go these days, it seems someone is talking about GMO’s. Consumers are concerned that scientists have genetically altered their food and for good reason. Although genetically modified foods are based on the natural model of breeding out unfavorable characteristics, the process is complicated and slightly mysterious. Health-conscious people want assurances that the foods they buy are made the way nature intended, and GMO’s are anything but that.

“Non-GMO” is a word that seems to put consumer fears at ease. Using it on your product label could be the key to driving more sales. Here’s why:

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Health Nutrition Marketing: FDA ready to provide guidance for social media?

Jump on the social media bandwagon

FDA may turn one of the biggest challenges to pharma marketing into a greater opportunity to connect with patients

I am a big believer in pharmaceutical brands being in the social media arena, but for too long the pharmaceutical marketing industry has long been attempting to navigate the world of social media with little if any input from FDA. Continue reading