Marketing Your Health Nutrition Product as Non-GMO

Can using an industry buzzword help boost your sales?

Everywhere I go these days, it seems someone is talking about GMO’s. Consumers are concerned that scientists have genetically altered their food and for good reason. Although genetically modified foods are based on the natural model of breeding out unfavorable characteristics, the process is complicated and slightly mysterious. Health-conscious people want assurances that the foods they buy are made the way nature intended, and GMO’s are anything but that.

“Non-GMO” is a word that seems to put consumer fears at ease. Using it on your product label could be the key to driving more sales. Here’s why:

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Marketing Health Nutrition to Moms

Tips for speaking her language 

It is moms who almost exclusively make health and wellness decisions. Moms schedule doctors’ appointments, decide on treatment plans, and choose which foods and beverages will keep their families happy and healthy. But with all of this on their minds, getting their attention isn’t easy. 

Marketing Health Nutrition: Innovation in Energy Drinks

3 ways to differentiate your brand in a growing market

The energy drink market continues to grow at a steady pace worldwide, despite some concerns and a lot of bad press over inhuman high levels of caffeine and other stimulants. Although energy drinks were originally marketed as a way to enhance sports performance, typically they are now marketed to the casual consumer—particularly young people—who is just looking for a rush of energy and great taste. Continue reading

A New Trend in Health Nutrition Marketing

Find out why consumers are choosing food over supplements

There was a time when it looked like vitamins and herbal supplements were the answer for an aging population. Health-conscious consumers seemed less interested in eating well than in finding the fountain of youth in a bottle. But all that is changing. According to this fascinating article from the Institute of Food Technologies, consumers have shown signs that they are more knowledgeable about what they are eating, and will choose food or healthy drinks over supplements if given the choice. Continue reading