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Steps to make your email marketing more effective

Email marketing may seem like a pretty mundane and tedious tactic compared to a lot of the some of the newer approaches to marketing, but the truth is, it is still one of the  smartest, cheapest and most effective ways to market Health Nutrition products.

The key to successful email marketing is to acquire a vast number of subscribers. The success of any and every email campaign you launch will hinge on the number of current and potential customers you can reach.

Here are 5 simple steps that I use when launching an email marketing campaing. I think they will help improve the response you get from your Health Nutrition email marketing efforts:

Step 1: Gather, Consolidate and Build Your List of Addresses

Over the years, I am sure you have gathered hundreds to thousands of contacts. Now it is time to go through these contacts and consolidate them. My recommendation is to use contacts from the past couple years. If you have contacts older than that,  they may not be active accounts. If you have someone on staff to qualify those older contacts, be sure you have current contact information. Research software programs that make it easy to consolidate your contacts if your contacts are already entered into a program.

Once you have gathered and consolidated all of your contacts, you can move to building your list of email addresses. You can also buy lists that pertain to your particular Health Nutrition niche.

Step 2: Develop Your Marketing Campaign

In my experience, content is as important as deciding how frequently you will be sending out your email marketing campaigns. You do not want to annoy your potential customer by bombarding them with boring, repetitive or irrelevant  information. Be subtle and smart with the frequency as well as with how you vary content. Not all content should be promotional. Try including a mixture of editorial information. Remember you are creating relationships, so you don’t want to push people away or turn them off.

Step 3: Create Your Email Content

Get right to the point! Quickly tell your audience what you are offering or promoting  and how they can take advantage of the offer. Make it short and to the point. Don’t make people read too much. Be sure you are bolding and highlighting key facts and figures that are especially  important for the reader. Make sure the reader knows who this email is from.

Step 4: Choose Your Recipients

You may think you have one customer base, but dig a little deeper and you will be able to create offers targeted to segments within that market. Soon you will have created several specific contact lists that carve out your unique niche in Health Nutrition marketing.

Step 5: Blast off!

You’re ready to send out your emails. I would recommend sending your email blasts at the beginning of the week. Friday isn’t a good day because most people are busy planning for the weekend and are more prone to overlook emails.

Depending on which email blast program you used, be sure you can see the analytics: who opened, who didn’t, who went to your links, etc. You should also be able to see which emails bounced back. Now, follow up with any potential prospects, then repeat the process over again starting with Step 1.

I think you’ll agree that this simple process can pay off in big ways if you are consistent. Read more about marketing your health nutrition brand:

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