Health Nutrition Marketing that Helps Your Customer

How to guide your customer through confusing health and wellness information

The average health and wellness consumers are motivated customers. They are actively seeking out nutritional or sports supplements and healthy foods and beverages to support their health and improve their lives. Unfortunately, there is so much confusing information out there, that even the most dedicated researchers might feel overwhelmed.

Even if yours is a relatively small health and wellness brand, providing customers with clear information that can help them navigate through this confusion will build trust and position your brand as a solution.

Here are 3 ways I suggest getting started:

1. Make comparison easy

Yes, you ultimately want consumers to choose your brand. But what if it isn’t the right solution for them? If you can be objective about the pros and cons of your brand versus your competitors, you will not just help your customer find the right option for their health, but you will define your niche. Does your supplement or health food product contain an added vitamin? It may not be what every customer needs, but it is what makes you unique. By pointing this out through comparison, you are building your brand identity even stronger.

2. Cite Official Studies and Standards

Government and health organizations are constantly publishing nutritional standards and reports about how consumers can change their diets or lifestyles to be healthier. If your product fits into this prescribed behavior, why not shout about it? Consumers are overwhelmed with information and don’t have time to sift through every new study that comes out. By referencing the most recent finding and offering your brand as an easy, convenient solution, you’ve done the work for them while at the same time validating their purchasing decision.

3. Create a Quiz

Your customers may not be sure what they are looking for. If they are seeking supplements, they know their symptoms or health goals, but they may not know where to go from there. Take a cue from Centrum. They recently launched a website at to help potential customers navigate their vitamin options. They take information about lifestyle, diet and health goals and offer appropriate options. You may not be able to create an entire website, but small quizzes or polls can have a similar effect.

These are just some ideas for educating your customer about your health and wellness brand. The idea is to help your customer navigate confusing information. However you can do that will help you become an ally instead of just another brand on the shelf.

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