Health Nutrition Marketing to Our Pets

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Tips on how to sell in the pet industry

If you are a dog owner or another kind of four-legged owner, you understand how important our pets are in our lives. They are a dominant part in our families; they make us feel happy, make us laugh, they snuggle with us, we walk with them, they connect us with other people. There are also positive side effects in having a pet, lifts our mood, feel less lonely, reduces stress, and etc. Clearly we understand how important our pets are to us.

Even though the economy has been on the low, pet lovers feel the expense of ownership is still worth the return in companionship. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the survey says, 70% of dog owners and almost 60% of cat owners view their pet as a child or family member. I know I can personally relate to this with 3 cats of my own and 1 dog as well, and several co-workers bringing their pups to my office; we all understand the health of our pet is so important.

As pet ownership is on the rise, a clear understanding on how to provide health nutrition marketing in the pet industry is equally as important.

Here are 5 tips on health nutrition marketing in the pet industry:

Tip 1: Do your research
Find a niche in this industry that people want for their pet, be original, do your research. Look into some focus groups and hear what people are looking for their pet. Get on social media sites and start following and liking pet specific pages to get the scoop on what people want, like, don’t like, wish was out there and etc.

Tip 2 Become an expert in your audience
Become and expert in who your audience is, find out if it is male of female dominant purchasers. Once you find out on who is the dominant focus now you can start applying colors, fonts, textures, and shapes that reflect your audience.

Tip 3 Reflect the character of your product
Since you know have researched your audience, now it’s important to reflect the character of your product you are going to market. Study similar pet products in big and small retail stores to determine what is popular. Pay attention to where things are placed in the store, look at what pops off the shelf.  Examine package design, logo appeal and the choice of selected color, see what works and what doesn’t.

Tip 4 Market your product
Market your product at local and regional events. Get involved with local events to promote you products as well as going to regional events and having a booth or even being there at the event to meet and greet and pass out literature or flash dives that explain and visually show how people like your product for the health of their pet or how to use the product. Consumers are visual. Show them, teach them and they also like to be shown testimonials from other product users.

Tip 5 Socialize your product
Be certain your product/business has it’s own facebook and twitter page, these medias should be used to track all things going on with this product. If your at a tradeshow share pictures, if your product is in stores document, document, document. Consumers want to be aware. Get a YouTube account and start making short videos of testimonials, uses of your product and etc. Pinterest is another useful tool, you can use this media to show what stores carry your product as well as document the types of animal and consumers that use your product.

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