Mobile Marketing in the Health Nutrition Market


4 innovative tips to keep your brand on the cutting edge

According to a new report from Chetan Sharma Consulting, the US has reached 50 percent smartphone penetration.

Smartphones are in widespread use because they are a convenient way for Americans to communicate with friends, business partners, and customers as well as tap into social media and the ever-increasing number of apps that make life easier. Today’s user relies on their smart phones to access social media accounts, use QR codes, access web sites, or just pass the time by playing games.

A statistical survey suggests that although most consumers would choose NOT to be marketed to on their mobile phones, those that do are more likely to be “called to action” by recognized message senders. Consumers will read an SMS or Short Message Service, approximately 94% of the time and respond up to 23% of the time. This is a far greater response than the 1% of broadsheet advertising or 2-3% for direct mail.

It is clear that mobile marketing is both popular and powerful enough to reach and connect with customers. So how can you harness the power of mobile to build your Health Nutrition brand?

Here are 4 ways to increase your connection by using the mobile:

Tip 1: Launching
If are launching any kind of campaign, whether it be a direct mail campaign or a new product launch, why not include a mobile-friendly version to match the campaign or your new launch? Simultaneously creating a mobile campaign ensures that you are reaching as many customers as possible where and how they use technology.

Tip 2: Building
Remember, when building any campaign, you should be sure to create a URL that takes potential customers to a simple landing page that can easily be read by mobile devices.

Tip 3: Formatting
Be aware of the limitations of mobile device displays. You will want to format emails and email blasts to a mobile size for viewing purposes. Phone screens are small, so be sure any buttons or messages you include are easy to see, navigate and click or your customer may miss the messaging.

Tip 4: Results
When creating messages for your mobile device campaign, use the technology to the fullest and make the interaction fun. Include games or messages with your deals, savings or secret codes.  Make sure the payoff for using the mobile device has an immediate payoff. Don’t make the customer search for the message.

Mobile is no longer the future of advertising—it is happening now. As it becomes harder and harder to get your message heard in traditional channels, mobile is one area in which the customer is actively reaching back. Make the most of it.

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