Marketing Health and Nutrition at Sporting Events and Trade Shows

5 ways to use social media for a profitable return on investment

As an athlete, I often attend and participate in sporting events and sports-related tradeshows on both a local and national level. I make it my business to pay attention to how the attendees are responding to the various offerings, and lately I’ve noticed a pronounced “advertising fatigue” among event goers. Today’s tradeshow and special events audiences have seen it all, which makes it harder and harder to break through all the noise and get their attention. It takes fresh, innovative thinking to stop them in their tracks and show them something they’ve never seen before. Continue reading

Health Nutrition Marketing to Our Pets

Lucky Dog

Tips on how to sell in the pet industry

If you are a dog owner or another kind of four-legged owner, you understand how important our pets are in our lives. They are a dominant part in our families; they make us feel happy, make us laugh, they snuggle with us, we walk with them, they connect us with other people. There are also positive side effects in having a pet, lifts our mood, feel less lonely, reduces stress, and etc. Clearly we understand how important our pets are to us. Continue reading

10 Tips to Help Strengthen Your Health Nutrition Marketing at Trade Shows

Rise to the Occation

Trade shows still play an important role in your health nutrition marketing

As a professional athlete, I have had many opportunities to observe the effectiveness of trade shows in the sports nutrition industry firsthand. In my opinion, they can be just as effective in all areas of Health Nutrition Marketing. Continue reading

Marketing Health and Nutrition to Women


The 3rd annual Marketing Health & Wellness to Women Conference is around the corner

It’s a fact that women account for 85% of all healthcare purchases, and they make the majority of healthcare decisions for their household. So, why do so many marketers in the pharma and health and wellness space still struggle with speaking in a language women can relate to? I could go on and on about the ways huge companies miss opportunities to market to women, but instead I can happily direct you to an event that will put you in touch with dozens of experts on the subject. Continue reading