Using Images to Drive Social Media in #Health #Nutrition #Marketing


4 ways to get started with image-centric marketing

Image-centric marketing is the newest marketing buzzword and for good reasons. Customers are overwhelmed by information, search options and online advertisements. They need information served up in a way that is simple and easy to digest. Breaking up text with images is a great way to do this while still grabbing their attention.

If you are just now getting savvy with Social Media, image-centric marketing probably seems like one more time-consuming “to-do”. In actuality, creating image-related content is not as difficult or mysterious as it may sound. It can even help drive search results in a way that text can’t. Here’s how to start incorporating images into your Health Nutrition marketing:

Use images that quickly summarize your content
You will still need quality, optimized text to rank with search engines, but search engines aren’t your audience. Real people don’t have time to read every word of your website or blog. Using images that “say it” in a simpler way allows readers to skim the page. If you capture their attention with powerful images, they are more likely to stay and read awhile.

Use image tags
Image tags—the text equivalent of images—are an after thought on a lot of websites. If you aren’t creating them, you’re missing a great search opportunity. Often when I search using Google, I don’t even bother with the traditional regular search; I go right to image search, because it is a much quicker way for me to digest the results. I’m not alone. Using image tags helps customers that search this way find you.

Post your images to a variety of social media sites
Images on your website or blog are easy for your customers to share and like. As a Health Nutrition marketer, you probably already have imagery that is appealing: imagery of food, sporting events, healthy lifestyle photos. If you are posting images to social media sites, take advantage of the tagging system they offer, and include #hashtags when possible.

Actively participate on Pinterest
Pinterest is one of the key social media site for your content because it revolves around image-sharing. It’s also easy to use. Simply create a profile and start pinning images to your boards. When other members “repin” your images, they are giving your brand exposure. The bonus is that most Pinterest users are female. Since women make most of the dietary and healthcare decisions in their home, this is a great way for Health Nutrition brands to “speak the language” of their target market.

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