Traditional Versus Digital in Health Nutrition Marketing

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4 reasons why combining tactics could be a winning strategy

If you believe the hype, a multi-channel digital marketing strategy is all you need to reach your target audience and build a following. With all of the opportunities created by social media, websites, blogs and banners, why would anyone bother with traditional media anymore?
Because it still works!

Here are 4 reasons I strongly suggest that your brand include traditional media in your overall Health Nutrition Marketing mix:

People Still Respond to Direct Mail

Believe it or not, Direct Mail is still one of the most effective marketing tools in the world. Why? It’s personal, targeted, measurable, and easy to integrate with digital. Some people think of Email as the digital equivalent of Direct Mail, but it isn’t. Emails are easier to ignore and opt out of all together. Curious customers have a much harder time tossing a well crafted piece of Direct Mail. Using Direct Mail to drive customers to a micro-site is one of the most measurable tactics you can use because you can target specific customers from the start and track every response the moment it happens. As a Health Nutrition brand, consider using biodegradable/recyclable materials to show you respect the health of our planet, too.

Magazine Ads Have a Captive Audience

People read magazines when they have little else to do, making them one of the most captive audiences you can pitch to. In fact, some research shows that magazine ads are still more effective than ads on the Internet (many people are so used to ignoring popup and other ads, they are about as effective as online wallpaper). If you choose to run a magazine ad, include a QR code. That way you can effectively drive customers to relevant online information and measure the rate of response.

Billboards Appeal to the Bored

The effectiveness of billboards is hard to measure, and they are definitely not as easy to update as, say, banner ads. That said, millions of people are driving around every day, they are bored, and studies show that they are actively paying attention to billboards. A large percentage of consumers make decisions about where to shop, eat or relax based off of a billboard they saw. If you can leave a memorable impression (and hopefully a memorable URL) you can turn a billboard customer into a future google search.

Mass Transit is a Massive Opportunity

Even better than the in-car set, is the “I’m not driving, and I’m on my laptop/smartphone” crowd. Traditional display ads in busses, trains and subway cars—or even in train and subway stations—can be amazingly effective at making people aware of your brand and getting them to your website. And here is another opportunity to add a QR code, because they not only have the time to scan it, but the time to check out the information it leads them to. Keep in mind that a lot of Health and Wellness customers choose mass transit as a way of helping the environment. That means a huge percentage of riders are already in the right mindset to appreciate your brand.

These are just a few ways to integrate traditional and digital advertising to reach today’s Health Nutrition customer.

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