Keeping Health Nutrition Marketing Simple

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3 reasons simplifying your message can bolster your brand

It’s marketing 101: Find one unique selling point and commit to it. Keeping it simple makes sense for every brand, whether a large coffee chain or a major retailer. But it’s even more important for your Health Nutrition brand, and here’s why:

Nutrition is Confusing

Your target customer is someone who wants to be healthier and who will take the necessary steps to achieve that goal, but often times even the most informed Health Nutrition consumers are confused. Every day they read contradictory information about nutrition and exercise, so it is hard for them to make informed decisions like which foods to eat and which ones to avoid or which supplements are healthy and which are hazardous. When you enter this ever-changing arena, you had better have a simple, straight-forward message that underlines how your brand = health. Once you have it, tell that story over and over again.

Healthy is Simple

A Twinkie versus an apple. Phosphoric acid versus milk. Healthy isn’t manufactured, it is naturally simple. Your product descriptions should be, too. Whether you are selling a sports drink or a nutritional supplement, avoid using technical terms, industry jargon or complicated scientific descriptions of how your product works or is made. I’m not saying to treat your customers like children, because health and wellness consumers tend to be well educated and sophisticated. Just be sure your descriptions don’t evoke images of a cold, sterile lab or a huge corporate processing plant.

Simple Truths Are an Asset

Leave the advertising double-speak and confusing half-truths to the processed food marketers. You don’t have to convince America that chunks of sugar make a healthy breakfast. When you are marketing a Health Nutrition product, be honest and use how and where it is manufactured to your benefit. Is it a little more expensive because you believe the ingredients are more as nature intended them to be? Share that. Your higher price point will suddenly be the very reason customers are buying your product versus your competitors.

Why not stand back and do a quick review of your Health Nutrition brand’s story. If you get confused trying to tell it, I guarantee your customers gets confused about why they should buy it.

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