Keeping Your Health Nutrition Marketing Ahead of Trends

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3 new ways to market in the digital world

After recently attending the Direct Marketing Association in San Diego, I found out that not only am I not behind on current trends, I actually know much more than I even thought. I left breathing a very big a sigh of relief. These days it’s hard to know what we know, so moments like these are priceless.

As always, marketers are searching for their niche in an increasingly overcrowded, noisy market. What I discovered is too many brands are trying to be everything to everyone. A better approach is to simplify your Health Nutrition brand’s main marketing message and share it more effectively in the digital world. Here are 3 ways to do that:

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How Social Media Trends Help Health Nutrition Marketing

Social media marketing continues to grow at a popular pace and should play a more significant role in health nutrition marketing

You have probably heard amazing stories of success and fame arising from social media marketing for music artists and even sports stars. Building awareness and appeal for health nutrition products works just the same. The right use of social platforms such as  Twitter and Facebook has the potential to create significant buzz from your brands followers and fans. Continue reading