Creating AdWords Campaigns for Your Health Nutrition Brand

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6 simple ways to improve your Google marketing ROI

I recently took a Google Marketing class to learn more about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns. I wasn’t there to learn how to create a campaign—though the refresher on best practices was nice. My main goal was to make sure I was spending my clients’ dollars wisely. Some brands have large budgets and others have very small budgets, but they all want the best return on investment. So, I wondered, how much money does it take to run a really effective Google AdWords campaign?

The answer: You don’t have to spend a lot of money on Google pay-per-click advertising, but you do have to invest the time to make sure you have the right strategy.

Here are 6 ways to create a more successful AdWords campaign:

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How Social Media Trends Help Health Nutrition Marketing

Social media marketing continues to grow at a popular pace and should play a more significant role in health nutrition marketing

You have probably heard amazing stories of success and fame arising from social media marketing for music artists and even sports stars. Building awareness and appeal for health nutrition products works just the same. The right use of social platforms such as  Twitter and Facebook has the potential to create significant buzz from your brands followers and fans. Continue reading