The Most Important Tool for Marketing Health Nutrition


3 ways the telephone can make or break your brand

Lately, marketers have been so fixated on social media, they may have overlooked their own Achilles heel when it comes to follow-through. After all, a company can Facebook, Tweet or Email to their hearts content, but at some point customers want a “live” interaction with a company. When they dial your number, who is there to answer their call?

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Mobile Marketing in the Health Nutrition Market


4 innovative tips to keep your brand on the cutting edge

According to a new report from Chetan Sharma Consulting, the US has reached 50 percent smartphone penetration.

Smartphones are in widespread use because they are a convenient way for Americans to communicate with friends, business partners, and customers as well as tap into social media and the ever-increasing number of apps that make life easier. Today’s user relies on their smart phones to access social media accounts, use QR codes, access web sites, or just pass the time by playing games.

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Marketing Health Nutrition with Email Newsletter Content

Fly me to the Mooooon...

Some simple ways to improve your content that readers will look forward to receiving

Customers in any brand category have a short attention span, but none more so than those in the health and wellness space. If you are a pharmaceutical CMO, you know how difficult it is to achieve continued compliance with prescription refills. If you are marketing a natural health or sports and nutrition product, you are probably used to a customer base that comes and goes depending on market trends. It’s natural for people to become excited about doing something positive for their health only to get bored or forgetful just months later. As a marketer, your best defense against this extremely human trait is to keep the conversation going so that your product is always top of mind. Continue reading