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Some simple ways to improve your content that readers will look forward to receiving

Customers in any brand category have a short attention span, but none more so than those in the health and wellness space. If you are a pharmaceutical CMO, you know how difficult it is to achieve continued compliance with prescription refills. If you are marketing a natural health or sports and nutrition product, you are probably used to a customer base that comes and goes depending on market trends. It’s natural for people to become excited about doing something positive for their health only to get bored or forgetful just months later. As a marketer, your best defense against this extremely human trait is to keep the conversation going so that your product is always top of mind.

Email newsletters are a fantastic way to keep your customers engaged with your brand because they give you an opportunity to tout benefits while building an image your target will relate to. Unfortunately, newsletters don’t write themselves, and if your content is dry, customers won’t bother reading it month to month. Don’t waste your resources. Instead, use these 5 tips from Elyse Andrews, along with my insights for health nutrition marketers, to create dynamic, engaging content that readers will look forward to receiving.

1. Inject personality.
If you need a great example, consider the popularity and success of Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer. It combines humor and hard selling to get concrete results. Just because you are selling health and wellness doesn’t mean humor can’t work, but that’s not the goal. Find your brand personality and stick to it. Customers will respond.

2. Have an opinion on a timely or controversial topic.
A lot of health and wellness brands are afraid to have an opinion because healthcare is such a personal topic. However, customers will trust you more if you’re willing to stand for something.

3. Ask questions.
Health and nutrition brands can always benefit from listening to their customers. When you conduct a survey or ask open-ended question in your newsletter, you are both telling your customer that you value their opinion, and you are involving them in the creation of your content, which almost guarantees they will come back.

4. Run a contest.
Ask your customers to vote or get involved with your brand by offering a prize for their participation. Doing this will keep your readers hooked and help you get a better idea what’s on their minds.

5. Break content down.
Serve up small chunks of information versus long, involved articles. Yes, it’s tempting to explain in detail how your drug, supplement or health food can work for your customer, but this is not the place. Capture attention with short, interesting tidbits and drive them to the web for the more in-depth stuff. If they are interested, they will seek it out.

These are just some ideas for improving your health and wellness email newsletters. Click on the following link to read Elyse Andrews article, 5 Ways to Keep Your Email Newsletter Content Fresh and Engaging

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