SEO Strategy for Health Nutrition Marketing

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Over the years, SEO has become an art form, because it is critical for ensuring traffic from search engines

In its simplest form, SEO is deciding which phrase or search words your customer uses to find information similar to yours. This is called keyword search. But there’s more to SEO than finding the right keywords, so it is critical to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy.

I recently read a excellent article on creating an SEO strategy written by Adam Heitzman, founder of Below are Adam’s six steps along with my own insights into how those steps can work for your health and wellness brand.

1. Evaluate Your Current Situation:

If your website or blog is old, revisit the back end to see if it was created with keywords. Often, older web sites were created with Flash or JavaScript, and it’s hard for search engines to read that content. If it’s a newer site, remember to occasionally refresh your keyword strategy.

2.     Analyze Your Competitors:

See how your competition positions itself in the health and wellness space.

Adam Heitzman says, having access to tools like:, SEMRush, and can give you a great deal of insight into where your competitors are earning links and what keywords they are getting traffic from.

You can also see the code behind any website by using these shortcuts for popular browsers:

  • Explorer: Shift + F12
  • Firefox: Control + U
  • Google Chrome: Control + U

3.     Do Keyword Research:

Come up with keywords that relate to what you are selling or to health and wellness in general. Now, find out where those words rank in searchability. Use tools like: Google Keyword Tool or WordTracker.

4.     Optimize On-Page First:

Once your keywords have been selected, it’s time for Title Tagging and checking over your URL structure. Provide relevant content for all of your titles on every page. It is tempting to repeat the same words over and over, but your content for each page is unique. Make sure your title tags are, too.

5.     Write Quality Content:

Write quality content, not fluff to fill a page. Unique content will rank high in search. This is particularly important for health and wellness brands, because customers tend to be curious and discerning. Provide information beyond “just the facts”.

6.     Will Link for Food:

If you want your Health Nutrition brand to remain high in search rankings, backlinks should be a critical component of your strategy. Make it your goal to have backlinks on sites that are not in competition with you but are relevant to your customer.

For more information, read Adam’s complete article, 6 Steps to Creating A Winning SEO. You may also be interested in these articles on content marketing strategies:

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