Marketing Health Nutrition Using QR Codes

4 reasons QR codes are a fit for your market

Tech-weary marketers are skeptical about trying new tactics, and QR codes are one of those that are not always top of mind. Many assume that only a small group of tech-savvy consumers respond to QR codes, and the risks of using them incorrectly seem to outweigh the benefits. While some of this is true, here are 4 reasons I believe QR codes are a great tactic for connecting with your customer:

1. Health-conscious people are motivated people

Consumers who are interested in wellness are willing to seek out information and products that help them reach their nutrition, fitness and other health goals. They are dogged about online research and are often the earliest adopters of new products. These consumers are not easily deterred by new ideas or technology, so if you serve up relevant content, they will respond.

2. Health and nutrition consumers are hungry for information

Athletes, health nuts and those managing a disease or health disorder are looking for information. They want to know about every ingredient in your supplement or product. They’re interested in every detail of how it can help enhance their health or performance. QR codes add value to your product by providing information and education. With a QR code, you could allow your target to connect to detailed nutrition charts, safety information and other health benefits, as well as useful tools and educational videos.

3. Consumers love to share their success stories

QR codes encourage check-in behavior, which gives your target audience a reason to keep interacting with your brand. For instance, suppose you are marketing a sports drink. A well-placed QR code on your sports drink’s packaging can lead a purchaser to a website where they share how that drink helped lead them to victory. A mom might share a story about her child winning a soccer game. A marathon runner might share their running time or other personal victory. Suddenly, that QR code has started a conversation and created a community with your brand at the center. It’s that easy.

4. Active people take the road less traveled

QR codes seem to be the most successful when they are integrated into the world around us: on posters in subway stations, inside trains, on kiosks in malls. Luckily, the health and wellness consumer often includes athletes who are constantly out and about. Think about placing your QR codes on bus shelters near parks or along running trails. If being active is a part of your customer’s culture, it should be a part of your brand culture. Go where they go, and they will respond.

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