Marketing Health Nutrition to Moms

Tips for speaking her language 

It is moms who almost exclusively make health and wellness decisions. Moms schedule doctors’ appointments, decide on treatment plans, and choose which foods and beverages will keep their families happy and healthy. But with all of this on their minds, getting their attention isn’t easy. 

Lauren Drell, a writer at, recently wrote an article that included some great ideas for marketing to moms. I’ve taken her lead and added my own insights on how to market to moms in the health nutrition category:

Look at What Works
Moms respond to marketing centered on family and the fact that moms do it all. In a category like health nutrition, moms are in a constant tug-of-war between what their family is willing to consume and what is healthy for their family. If you can make that connection for them, they will repay you with loyalty. To see what works, look at how peanut butter and soup brands speak to moms.

Tug at the Heartstrings
A woman may run a company in addition to being a mom, but her first love is her family. As a health and wellness brand, you can position yourself as being on the frontlines with her. The health of her family matters to you as much as it matters to her, so let her know it. 

Make it Snappy
Moms are busy. When marketing nutrition products, it’s tempting to write long descriptions about your origins, the ways you protect the environment and the many, health benefits of your products. Don’t. Instead, feed her small bits of information over time, and she’ll tell your whole story to her friends for you.

Don’t Stereotype
It’s tempting to portray all moms who care about health as stay-at-homes who bake bread and recycle all day. Many types of moms are interested in nutritional supplements and health foods, so be sure not to alienate them. Let moms define themselves.

Be Real
Health products have a genuine value to the consumer. You don’t have to hide behind snappy slogans and jokes. If your product is all-natural and healthy, you have the luxury of being frank and honest about that. Talk to moms like a trusted friend, and they will trust you.

Make Plays on Facebook
Let’s face it, it’s how and where moms socialize. Don’t expect miracles, but don’t think you can do without it, either.

Moms Talk, So Talk with Them
Moms naturally want to pass good news on to their friends. You can spend thousands telling moms how wonderful your product is or you can let moms do it for you. Think about giving free samples to mom-bloggers or those who like you on Facebook.

Click on the following link to read Lauren Drell’s article, 7 Tips for Marketing to Moms 

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