Point-of-Purchase Proximity Improves Health Nutrition Marketing

Healthy groceriesTips for increasing sales with point-of-purchase and proximity marketing

We are all familiar with how effective Point-of-Purchase Marketing can be. We know POP increases your return on investment because it allows you to reach before your customers make a purchasing decision and it can reinforce their confidence in that decision.

In my experience with POP, I’ve always followed these simple tips:

  1. Your point-of purchase materials must make an immediate impression
  2. Use creativity to sell your products
  3. Develop an offer that your competitors don’t—and can’t—match
  4. Optimize your display placement
  5. Use functional displays
  6. Make the most of display timing (sales, holidays, etc.)
  7. Capture the impulse buyer
  8. Be aware of the POP material tone. It should be different from that of general-audience advertising

An update to these tips is proximity marketing, considered the “new POP”. We all know it as “location marketing”, but with a more modern twist: Proximity marketing uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to broadcast information to a specific location.

How can you use proximity marketing to help increase your Health Nutrition Marketing? In an article by Sam Reaves, written for Proximus, location-based proximity marketing software company, he suggests 4 ways the new POP “proximity marketing” will help you with marketing:

  1. Digital coupons: With the use of digital coupons, the retrieval rate is almost immediate versus print
  2. Educational Content: Used to educate the consumer on the new Health Nutrition as in recipes, nutrition information, testimonials, etc
  3. Promotional Content: A good way to promote something new or a special for the day or month
  4. Loyalty programs: If your customer is looking for deals or they want more information later, this will gather the customer information for future use

So how do you know where “proximity marketing” will be useful for your Health Nutrition Marketing?

Any business with a physical location can offer this service, including large retail stores, malls, hotels, restaurants, travel, service industries, entertainment venues, popular public areas, and popup locations.

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