Organic SEO Marketing for Health Nutrition Brands


4 ways creating natural content is like selling organic products

As Health Nutrition marketers we don’t often consider the difference between SEO and organic SEO, but it’s important to remember they are not the same thing. Basic SEO is about manipulating content to ensure that search engines can read it. Organic SEO is about writing quality, targeted content to ensure that the right people read it. It’s like comparing brand name tomatoes to the organic varieties. They share similarities, but the natural approach always results in a more satisfying product. Here are 4 reasons the same is true for organic SEO:

Organic SEO Isn’t Forced
There is increased demand to force vegetables to grow faster, grow bigger, and stay ripe longer, all in the name of profit. But those unnatural efforts end up creating an inferior product that doesn’t even taste like a tomato. The same can be said for SEO. The original goals of basic SEO were to insert words and links that appealed to search engines like Google to get a higher ranking. But marketers got greedy, which led to word-stuffing, creating bogus links, and misrepresenting the content of web pages just to get hits. Ultimately, this resulted in unnatural web patterns and low quality search results. Fortunately, search engines began penalizing websites for unnatural SEO tactics like these. So, taking the time to create well-crafted, relevant content that naturally contains keywords is now to your benefit.

Organic SEO is Honest About Its Content
Like organic foods, organic SEO content should be what it says it is. Using bait-and-switch tactics like line listing keywords that have nothing to do with your product is a waste of time. Search engines understand those tactics, and they don’t reward them. Organic SEO writers isolate relevant keywords that potential customers naturally use to find companies and products like yours, and they carefully add them to website content in an honest way. Title tags and meta descriptions should reflect the true content of any page. Exaggerating your content may pull a larger audience, but honest information will capture an audience that will stay once they get there.

Organic SEO is Good for You
People choose organic products because they feel better consuming them. If you’ve ever read a website constructed solely for SEO purposes, you know the experience doesn’t feel good. The information may not feel natural or even make sense, and it leaves you feeling like you’ve wasted your time. The purpose of bad SEO is to get you to a site and nothing more. Organic SEO approaches things differently by providing valuable content first and then weaving in effective keywords in a natural, almost imperceptible way. Not knowing SEO is at play is a sign of well written SEO content.

Organic SEO Builds Loyalty
When people find the products they want without fillers and additives they don’t want, they tend to be loyal to that brand. You can achieve the same effect by creating content that is informative and relevant to your customer’s needs without “aggressive” SEO tactics mixed in. When your content provides the valuable insights and helpful information that your target audience is looking for, the keywords that resonate with them will naturally rise to the top. Once you realize which keywords are good for you and your customers, you can add more and more of them to improve your ranking.

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