Marketing Health Nutrition with Viral Videos

4 ways to create share-worth videos

We all love watching videos online, but what is it that captures our attention and makes us want to watch them all the way through? Personally, I have a short attention span and not a lot of time. I can’t sit through long videos or wait for the action. I prefer short videos that make me laugh or play off of a specific emotion. I believe a video worth sharing is one that has a point of view and gets to the point quickly.

Creating marketing videos with the intent of them going viral can be daunting. Often you wonder if it is worth the time and money, considering how many videos go unseen or are never shared. However, the payoff for creating a viral video that gets people’s attention is well worth the effort. Once your video catches on and people start sharing it, your Health Nutrition brand is no longer just selling itself, it’s interacting with an audience. That sort of marketing, when successful, is priceless.

4 billion videos are viewed daily on YouTube, and over 60 hours of videos are watched per minute. That is proof positive that viral videos can be a useful marketing tool. But how can you ensure the ROI will be worth it? Make it share-worthy.

Here are 4 ways to make sure your viral video catches on:

1)    Keep people’s attention–According to the New York Times, 44% of people lost interest in a video after 60 seconds. Apparently, Im not the only one who loses interest quickly. Keep it short and get to the point quickly. Skip monotonous information. Try making a video map of what you want in the video so you can make certain the important points aren’t missed. Increases in social sharing is heightened when videos are about 60 second long.

2)    Be sure your brand is brandedMuch like marketing on a billboard, you have a short amount of time to leave an impression. Don’t make people work to figure out what your health and nutrition brand is about. Use clear and concise brand attributes, and don’t stray from your brand voice.

3)    How to increase sharing:

  • Make someone go OMG. A great video should make people wonder if what they are seeing is real or take them by surprise in some way that creates the WOW factor. Leave your audience thinking, “What in the world?!” or “NO WAY!”, and the sharing is inevitable.
  • Make someone laugh. We all love to laugh, but not necessarily about the same things. Remember to create content that you think will be funny to your customers, not just to you or your inner circle. If you can make the humor you use resonate with your target audience, they will send it to others who share their interests.
  • Make a parody.  One of the best ways to get started is to parody something that is already popular, like a song, event or person. Try to focus on something that is relevant to your product or the health and nutrition niche. Instant recognition will increase sharing.

4)    Get your customers or fans involved. Ask your fans and customers via social media what your health and nutrition products mean to them. Create a contest or engage your customer in a way that will generate buzz. Getting input from customers ensures they will be interested in the final product, and it will help save you time and effort.

These are just some ways you can create a catchy viral video. I hope you take them and run with it, because the real key to creating a buzz via the social web is to have fun with your messaging. Good luck!

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