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4 ways moms use social media, and why you should care

Moms are constantly seeking advice and comparing their choices to those of other moms. Social Media provides the perfect platform for them to exchange this type of information. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or any of the hundreds of other new social sites out there, moms are connecting at record rates.

80% of moms access social media sites to make their buying decisions. 70% of women make the healthcare decisions for their families. Combine those statistics, and it’s clear why Health Nutrition marketers should be targeting moms through social media.

Here are the 4 things you should know about what moms are doing online:

Sharing Recommendations
Facebook and Twitter are the most popular sites with moms, and here’s why: moms believe in virtual word-of mouth. According to the Holmes Report, 93% of moms say they are influenced by other moms’ recommendations. When they talk about your health nutrition product with their online social circle, make sure your brand is part of the conversation! If you aren’t already collecting “likes” and tweeting about your brand, it’s time.

Posting Visual Wish-Lists
Social media sites such as Pinterest allow moms to post pictures of things that they love, have or want. Moms share these visual wish lists with one another, making Pinterest a strategic platform for getting online recommendations. As a Health Nutrition marketer, you might consider posting recipes, photos and other visuals connected to your product(s) to ensure that your brand is as shareworthy as possible.

Planning Projects
Planning projects and making lists is second nature for most moms, so it’s no surprise that they are falling in love with social communities like Polyvore, a fashion sharing site, and Olioboard, a site where interior design and decor bloggers can share ideas. Smart Health Nutrition markers might look for opportunities to create social sharing on a smaller scale. For instance, a health food brand might host a healthy menu-sharing blog or a brand of sports drink might provide tools to help moms plan and share the times and dates of their kids practices and games.

Sharing Ideas
Moms never stop asking questions and sharing answers, so a blog is a great way to offer them information while promoting your brand. The key is not to use a blog as a sales platform. Instead, think of your brand as a person, and imagine what that person would be interested in. Weight loss supplement? Blog about fitness. Selling a gluten-free line of foods? Blog about celiac disease and/or the link between gluten and autism. The most important things are to offer consistent content, invite participation from your audience, and provide a link back to your corporate website.

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