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4 ways to improve how you connect

There are hundreds of health and wellness influencers out there, and they are all trying to figure out how to reach your target audience. Content marketing is a great way to carve a niche for your brand. Unfortunately, it isn’t cut and dry. Content marketing can be frustrating when you aren’t seeing measurable results, and you aren’t sure if your efforts are worth it. They are! You just have to stay on target, use the right tone, and be sure that you are speaking to the appropriate audience.

Here are 4 ways to help your brand’s message break through:

Speak to the Influencers
Even more critical than knowing your audience is knowing which influencers your audience follows. I cannot stress this enough. Once you have determined who the key  influencers in your industry are, you can keep them in mind when you are writing. Doing so will not only elevate your content, but ensure that their followers will be interested, too. Without influencers in mind, you may find yourself posting or tweeting content that regularly misses the mark.

Be a Digital Leader
Multi-channel distribution is a sign of the times. In order to join the ranks of industry influencers, you should also be able to provide health and wellness consumers with innovative brand-to-customer relationship through the use of digital technology, including touch screens, Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity, interactive cameras, and more. Digital helps Health Nutrition brands connect in more ways and provide a more deeply interactive—and therefore memorable—experience with their brands. Keep this in mind when creating retail store displays, planning for trade shows, or devising any other marketing touchpoint that must leave a lasting impression on your customer.

Don’t Create Content for Content’s Sake
With so many influencers sharing via digital channels and social platforms, you have to be strategic about the content that you share. For instance, you can’t just write blog posts to increase the number of your blog posts. It’s great to have keyword rich posts and other types of articles, but that’s not enough. You have to be sure that the content you post is pertinent to the health and wellness industry and that it solves a problem for, or provides insight to, your reader. Time to dig deep and create some meaningful, insightful, entertaining and informational content! This is will make it worth sharing and keep your brand top-of-mind for your target audience.

Get Caught Up In the Moment
This could go in the above paragraph, but I really feel it needs its own section. Real-time communication and feedback is huge. It allows you to respond to hot topics that are trending with relevant, insightful input. Influencer brands need to be on their toes and be prepared to tweet, post or respond in an instant. And you don’t always have to be PC! People want to see that your brand has opinions and a real brand personality.

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