Marketing Your Health and Nutrition Brand with Personality

Use your brand personality checklist to strengthen your social presence

Like people, all brands have a personality. Even if you have not purposely set out to create a personality, your brand will develop one over time. Smart marketers take the time to hone that personality in order to target the right customer base and create a stronger social presence.

Here are some examples of brand personalities and their attributes:

Excitement: carefree, spirited, youthful
Sincerity: genuine, kind, family-oriented, thoughtful
Ruggedness: rough, tough, outdoors, athletic
Competence: successful, accomplished, influential, a leader
Sophistication: elegant, prestigious, pretentious

These are millions of other types of personalities out there, so take the time to analyze yours. Then remember, whenever you are acting on behalf of your brand, you need to think like your brand.

So, how defined is your brand personality? When you can answer, “yes” to most of the questions below, you can be confident that you have a well-developed social presence.

Brand Personality Checklist:

  1. Have you defined your marketing plan to help identify your brand personality?
  2. Will your brand affect anyone’s lives?
  3. Can you deliver on your brand promise?
  4. Does your brand reflect a personality that your customers can identify with?
  5. Is your brand visual? Does it stand out and elicit a certain emotion?
  6. Is your brand differentiated from the competition?
  7. Does your brand offer your customers an experience?
  8. Does your brand have its own vocabulary  or unique terms that you set apart? (i.e., Starbucks did this when they changed our vocabulary from small, medium and large to Tall, Grande, and Venti.)
  9. Does your brand take a stance on some social issues?
  10. Is your brand strong enough to make a lasting impression?
  11. Does your brand give customers a reason to stay connected with it?

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