Making a Good First Impression in Health Nutrition Marketing

Some helpful tips to make your brand stand out and reach your target market

With my experience in Health Nutrition Marketing, I can’t stress enough how important it is to create that successful brand “look” that people associate with your product or service using all marketing channels-—advertising, promotion, direct marketing, video, public relations, Websites, online marketing, and social media.

To create ideas that will create a great first impression for your Health Nutrition brand, here are 5 tips:

  1. Be sure to differentiate from your competition
  2. Have a single focus
  3. Have a memorable logo, which is a visible expression of your company or your products
  4. Deliver an experience that encompasses every aspect of your product or service
  5. Build a relationship with your customer in such a way that positively influences their behavior or purchase intent

In order to make these tips successful you will also need the right tools. It’s about blending good strategy with good creativity to strengthen the brand development process.

It’s important to spend time investing in researching, defining and building your brand because at the end of the day your brand is the source of promise to your consumer.

Paul Andruss wrote an article entitled, “Branding’s Big Guns”, for the April 2012 edition of Entrepreneur. He lists 10 examples of the most trusted U.S. brands and simply states why. His reasons apply to any brand.

  1. Get Personal: AMAZON
  2. Sell Happiness: COCA-COLA
  3. Live up to Your Promise: FEDEX
  4. Keep it Cool (and Fun): APPLE
  5. Design an Experience: TARGET
  6. Stay Consistent: FORD
  7. Can-do it Attitude: NIKE
  8. Forge Connections: STARBUCKS
  9. Serve up the Quirky: SOUTHWEST AIRLINES
  10. Focus on the Customer: NORDSTROM

Many of these brands have made a huge impact in our lives. Their brand messages are simple and powerful and they leave a lasting impression.  Health nutrition marketers should use this same approach in their branding.

An additional tip from Brad VanAuken, The Blake Project:

“Once you have developed a unique and compelling value proposition for your brand, repeat it again and again.”


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