Leveraging the Popularity of Fish Oils in Health Nutrition Marketing

How educating your customer can help your brand lead the way

Originally touted for improving cardiovascular health, fish oil is now a major profit-driver in the health nutrition category. According to a new report published by Transparency Market Research (http://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/fish-oil.html), the global fish oil market is expected to reach USD 1.7 billion in 2018, up from 1.1 billion in 2011.

This growth is due in large part to the fact that health conscious consumers believe fish oils are beneficial for almost everything including hair, skin, nails, teeth, and joints. It is even used to boost fertility, fight depression and even to treat cancer. A new survey suggests fish oil pills are the most popular dietary supplement in the country—more so than even multivitamins.

As an avid CrossFit athlete, I use fish oil in my shakes every morning, and I have for several years. I believe fish oil aids muscle recovery, improves lunge performance, helps reduce fat, and of course contributes to joint and heart health. I truly believe I am more mentally and physically fit because of it, and I am not alone.

If you manufacture or sell a health nutrition product that contains fish oils, now is the time to lure in more customers by elevating that message in your marketing. Here’s are a few ideas for making it happen:

Drive Traffic
Health nutrition consumers are actively seeking information about fish oils. You can steer them to your product more effectively by providing the answers they need. Even if fish oil isn’t one of the main ingredients in your product, it contributes to the overall health benefits. I suggest creating a section of your blog or website to offer valuable, educational content about the benefits of fish oils in general to drive more traffic.

Create QR Codes
Create a QR code in the shape of a fish or a heart to use on marketing materials and drive people to your blog or website for more information about fish oils.

Create Videos
Create a short video that explains how the fish oils in your product are derived, what their potency is, and what the overall health benefits are. Health nutrition customers are curious customers, and they will feel better about your product when they feel you are transparent.

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